Dawn (SATB)


by Robert Schultz
Schultz Music Publications
Pro Choir / Church choir / HS choir
Christmas / Advent / Light
Duration: 6:15


Regular print edition (8.5 x 11)

Commissioned in 2011 by the University of Pittsburgh’s Heinz Chapel Choir for the lighting of the chapel’s magnificent stained glass windows during their annual series of Christmas holiday concerts. Dawn is the second work in Schultz’s “Light Series.”

Dawn is scored for a cappella SATB divided into two balanced choirs to produce an antiphonal effect in performance. Additionally the score calls for two soprano soloists, but provides an option for utilizing the two soprano sections on the solo parts.

Order requirements:
1 score / choir member, minimum order = 10 copies.
For self-print digital edition see SMP533Dltr or SMP533Doct.

Listen to the Heinz Chapel Choir’s premiere performance:

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