Colorscape Op. 62 Piano LH


by Robert Schultz
Schultz Music Publications
Advanced / Pro Piano Solos for the Left Hand
6 movements / 18 pages
Duration: 13:30


Colorscape Opus 62 Piano Solos for the Left Hand

Completed in November, 2022, Colorscape Op. 62, Six Piano Solos for the Left Hand was written for pianist Walter Morales. Morales requested the work for a concert devoted to piano music for the left hand alone that was in the planning stages. He subsequently premiered the work in Pittsburgh on February 16, 2024 then performed it again on the Schultz, Faigen & Friends III concert on March 23, 2024. The 13:30 minute work is comprised of six movements alternating slow, fast, that demonstrate a wide range of colors and expression. Schultz utilizes the full range and resources of the piano to create this stunning work filled with drama, lyricism, beautiful contemporary harmony, power, and excitement, making this a welcome addition to any concert pianist’s program. The score is meticulously edited by Tina Faigen who also created the title for the work and the six movements. See the opening page of each movement in the gallery images to the left.

  • Forest Green
  • Brick Red
  • Ice Blue
  • Blizzard White
  • Flaxen Yellow
  • Pitch Black

Colorscape Op. 62 is also available as a Download & Print edition (digital): SMP565D

Walter Morales performs Colorscape

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