Crystalline Miniatures for Fl.


by Robert Schultz
Alry Publications
Intermediate – Professional
6 Solos, 5 Duets / 24 pages

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Crystalline Miniatures for Flute

First published in 1981 by Columbia Pictures Publications / Belwin Mills, this critically acclaimed edition was re-issued by ALRY Publications in April, 2001. The pieces are written to be technically accessible to late intermediate students; however, the expressive and atmospheric nature of the pieces is intended to interest mature artists as well.
Ballade, Serenade, Ballet, Lullaby, Consolation, Fantasia

Duets for two flutes:
The Cloak of Dawn, Dialogue, Aria, The Animated Puppets, Phantoms

Review from NACWPI Journal, Spring, 2004
(National Association of College Wind and Percussion Instructors)
“The composer, Robert Schultz, has a wonderful reputation as an arranger, transcriber, and composer. [These duets] provide a unique vehicle for ensemble preparation including close observation to tonal colors, tempi, dynamics, and programmatic intent. I recommend this work highly and urge its performance.”…Andrea Kapell Loewy, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Review from Flute Talk, September, 1987: “Reviewer’s Choice”
“Here is a collection of six unaccompanied solos and five duets, with one solo that can be combined with a duet as a third or solo part. These short recital pieces are contemporary but not avant-garde. They feature mixed and odd meters, dynamic contrasts, trills, and in one instance, flutter tonguing, and use almost the entire flute range (C#1-C4). The pieces flow logically with a sometimes lyrical, sometimes evocative style. The music is beautifully laid out in traditional notation with no awkward page turns. There is an informative preface, and a glossary defines all the music terms used. My advanced intermediate students had a ball sight reading the duets. What a welcome addition to the literature for this level.”…Marlee Lindon

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