Echoes Op. 60


by Robert Schultz
Schultz Music Publications
Advanced / Pro Piano Solo / 5 pages
Duration: 5:00


Echoes for Piano Opus 60

Completed in March, 2022, Echoes Op. 60 is the fifth of a series of individual concert piano works composed during the fall of 2021 and the spring of 2022. The work is dedicated to pianist Yeeha Chiu, who gave the premiere performance in Brunswick, Maine on August 15, 2022. Colorful and atmospheric with a wide range of dynamic contrast, Echoes is thoroughly pianistic and highly expressive. The piece begins, after a brief introduction, with an expressive melody supported by a broken chord pattern centered around A minor. As the work unfolds, the writing flows through powerful statements and delicate meditations leading finally to the return of the opening material. Recommended for advanced pianists and concert artists, this work will be a welcome addition to any program.

Echoes Op. 60 is also available as a Download & Print edition (digital): SMP563D

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