Legend for String Orchestra


by Robert Schultz
Schultz Music Publications
Advanced / Professional
Full score plus complete parts
Duration: 17 minutes


Legend for String Orchestra Op. 35

Commissioned by the Young Artists Chamber Orchestra of South Florida in 2002, Legend for String Orchestra has since been performed by the Baylor Symphony Orchestra (Stephen Heyde), University of Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (Roger Zahab), DeKalb Symphony Orchestra (Tom Anderson), twice by the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra (Allen Tinkham 2006, Terrance Gray 2013), and numerous other orchestras.

As suggested by the title, the one-movement work unfolds in a story-like form. The opening theme presents a primary melodic motive that is woven into the fabric of the entire work. Imaginary scenes are evoked as the clearly defined sections of the work appear. The writing is striking, instantly appealing, and includes a wide range of color, expression and contrast, rooted in standard notation. A solo violin part is featured in several expressive solos, one of which concludes the work.

This product is sold as a permanent library purchase with unlimited performance rights. Edition includes conductor’s score and complete parts set, stand parts 4/4/4/4/2. See gallery pages at left for samples of score and parts. Also available in edition for String Quintet (SMP529).

Hear Stephen Heyde conducting the Baylor Symphony Orchestra in a 2007 live performance of Legend for String Orchestra:

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