Three Episodes (Duet)


by Robert Schultz
Schultz Music Publications
Advanced / Pro Piano Duet
Performance score / 60 pages
Duration: 14 minutes


Three Episodes for 1 Piano – 4 Hands

Three titled movements: Transformation, The Ballet, Only A Dream; the work offers a striking addition to the contemporary concert repertoire for professional piano duos.

Transformation launches the set with a striking fanfare-like opening that gradually evolves, leading to hauntingly expressive melodic material. By the final section the work has been transformed from its initial powerful treatment to one of gentleness as it dies away. (3 minutes)

The Ballet is a glittering, fast-paced, contemporary waltz. While never losing its dance-like feel, the sparkling opening section builds, finally giving way to lush melodies sweeping through the middle section of this dance. The secondo is featured with a gorgeous, rhapsodic solo section before the primo rejoins to build toward the climactic point of the work. A return to the opening material brings the listener full circle before it disappears with a wisp into silence. (5 minutes)

Only A Dream is a wild ride, and a thrilling performance piece for the audience. The writing is strikingly dramatic, encompassing a range of characters from playful to mechanical, and haunted to agitated. The work concludes with a presto coda that will leave the audience breathless. (6 minutes)

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