Tsur Mehora for Flute & Piano


by Robert Schultz
Schultz Music Publications
Advanced / Professional
Contents: piano score / 29 pages, flute part
duration: 16 minutes


Tsur Mehora for Flute and Piano Op. 7

Titled after the companion short story commissioned by the composer, this lyrical and dramatic, one-movement work unfolds in three contrasting segments. The story depicts the occasion of the appearance of Tsûr Mehorá, an elfin master of the dance, and the presentation of three pairs of dancers at a moonlit ceremony. The writing features both instruments in equal and active roles, drawing from their full range of technical and expressive resources. Completed in 1978, the work was premiered in Philadelphia in 1979 by flutist Edward Schultz, to whom the work is dedicated, and pianist Robert Schultz.

The gallery images on the left include sample score pages, the first page of the flute part, and the complete short story by author, Chris Rigel.

Listen to samples of a live performance by flutist Edward Schultz & pianist Martha Koeneman

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