Trio for Piano, Clarinet, Cello


by Robert Schultz
Schultz Music Publications
Contents: Full Performance Score / Parts Set
Advanced / Professional
3 movements / Duration: 25 minutes


Trio for Piano, Clarinet in B-flat and Cello Op. 52

Commissioned by Pittsburgh’s Zaffiro Trio (pianist Tina Faigen, clarinetist Mary Beth Malek, cellist Paula Tuttle), Trio Op. 52 was premiered on April 20, 2019 at Chatham University. The three-movement, 25 minute work is Schultz’s second composition for piano, clarinet and cello. (see also Fantasia Op. 49) Schultz’s colorful, contemporary writing style offers dramatic and highly expressive material for all three instruments, both individually and in combinations.

The opening movement alternates between a riveting, recurring pattern and a series of dramatic sections that appear suddenly and drive the movement relentlessly forward to its surprising conclusion. The slow second movement begins with a simple motive in the piano that pulses quietly in the background as the cello and clarinet enter with an expressive unison melody. The instruments trade roles as the movement progresses until the opening theme returns to quietly bring the movement to a close. The third movement begins powerfully in the piano, after which all three instruments join forces to present the bold primary theme. From there the music launches into new territory with the instruments trading and sharing melodic material as they weave through a high-energy harmonic and rhythmic excursion. The return of the opening theme leads to the brilliant coda that concludes the movement and the work.

This edition includes a beautifully engraved full performance score, edited by the composer (45 pages) plus parts (12 pages each); scored for clarinet in B-flat (displayed at concert pitch in full score). See sample score and part pages in gallery images at left.

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Zaffiro Trio – World Premiere of Trio Op. 52

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